Joy Argento

Joy Argento spent most of her life creating visual art. Her award-winning paintings and drawings have found their way into countless public and private collections around the world. The same gift of observation that gives her art such a feeling of depth and reality is also very evident in her writing. Dealing with such serious subjects as death, teen pregnancy, and religious beliefs, she still manages to inject a good amount of humor into each story. Her characters are people you would like to know, to have lunch with, to fall in love with.

Joy was born and raised in Syracuse, New York and currently lives in Rochester, New York with her partner, four cats, and a dog. She is the proud mom of three grown children.




Q. Kelly

Fact One: I like corny jokes. If you have any good ones, send them my way!

Fact Two: My favorite color is purple, but my writing is gray. Life is not black and white. I often write about issues and characters where there is no "right" answer.

Fact Three: I'm weird. I like being weird.




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