I think the book was touching and romantic. Well written, it held my interest without any heavy drama or horrible catastrophes. 
It was refreshing and delightful to read a book where the course of love went smoothly with only minor glitches. There was no dramatic misunderstanding, no miscommunication and no cheating or the appearance of it, which many authors seem to need. 
These principle characters were fleshed out and realistic. Their falling in love was believable and sweet. The whole book was a smoothly delightful love story and escaped the onus of invented catastrophes created only for dramatic effect. Thanks to Ms Argento for writing such a lovable book. -Gordon

 Just finished your book yesterday! I loved it but you left me longing for more! I didn't want it end!! - Frankie

 This is Joy's debut lesbian romance. But you would never know it as it is so well written. I found the story both compelling and satisfying. It is a regular romance. Two previously straight women meet and feel love for each other. There is no anguish of a third party splitting them up and them getting back together. In fact apart from a blip from one of the characters, there is no anguish about them being gay. Not that there is anything wrong with anguish, but this story makes a nice change, although grief enters in to it, it doesn't take over the story. What there is though, is a wonderfully refreshing romance that is easy to read and left me wanting much more from this author.. This is a book that will be on my to-read again- shelves. I look forward to more from this author and soon. - Terry

 This is Joy’s debut novel and what a pleasure it was to read! It was a very sweet and tender romance, without all the contrived angst that seems to be very popular. Her main characters are real down to earth people that you can easily relate to. Her humor is fantastic with the sassy repartee between Carrie and Hope, it kept me smiling through-out the book. I enjoyed the realness of them slowly falling in love and the shared first kiss-both beautifully written. As in any relationship, it hits a few snags, but they weren't long drawn out angst ridden affairs. They were handled with real emotions and actions. Joy has a refreshing way with the written word and I look forward to reading more from her.

 I really did enjoy it. I thought you did a great job of making Carrie and Hope and well as their world seem very real. That's long been one of my issues with some lesbian romance novels, that the characters so often feel a bit forced and one-dimensional. I was betting with myself as I read your story that the writing experience was for you similar to mine, in that you could probably mentally open any cupboard door in Carrie's kitchen or look in the trunk of Hope's car and know what you'd find there. Their world was a fully-furnished reality for you, and I think that comes across in your story and left me feeling at the end as though I'd actually met these people.  -Marianne Garver (October's Promise, Bella Books)



This book is wonderfully written. It's all about making and adapting to changes in your life. The two main characters, Emily and Andi are simply made for each other. I was really hoping they would get together from the outset. Emily's sister, Mindy played a big part in the book too and was so lovable, that she added a warmth all of her own to the story. I was in tune with this book from the very first page through to the last page. I really didn't want this book to end. It's a definite re-read. I look forward to more from Joy soon. - Terry

Let me just say that you'll like Emily and Andi. They have an easy raport and a knack for breezy dialog. That is always a selling point for me. Fun conversations between characters are hard to write but this author does a good job.
If you like lesbian romance you could do a lot worse than spending time with these characters.


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